15/06/2016 Weight...Quantity...Unknown' - not anymore...

With the authorization of our friends ROOSE + PARTNERS, Solicitors in London, we publish hereafter the article issued by Charlotte GALE, partner of this Law Firm:


The above referred decision is very interesting as it denies the usual argument of the Owners and their P&I Clubs whom invoke systematically the following general clause inserted on the Bills of Lading: « weight, measure, quality, quantity, condition, contents and value unknown…» and sustain, especially, that they are not responsible for shortage, despite the joint tallies performed at the port of discharge.

The Traders and their clients have to make sure that the clause written in the London Arbitration decision («The number of bags signed for on the Bills of Lading…. ») is mentioned systematically on the Charter-parties. This will improve the merit of the recoveries against the Owners and their P&I Clubs, and enable to the insured, thanks to better statistics, to negotiate with their Insurers the premiums at preferential rates.

MARINE CONSULTANT remains at the disposal of all their friends and clients to inform them and brings its assistance.