20/12/2019 Best Wishes

Marine Consultant is wishing you a very nice Christmas and the best for the year to come ! 

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01/10/2019 data logger or tracker?

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09/09/2019 Abidjan 2019 Marine Consultant will be at Abidjan soon.

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29/05/2019 Cargo rejected by the veterinary services due to a cold chain break: is the carrier liable?

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30/04/2019 Sealed offers and the allocation of costs in London Arbitration

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03/04/2019 Dakar 2019

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17/01/2019 Some tips regarding the Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road Please read our first legal news of the year 2019 here!

12/12/2018 The dissociation of a consignment

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15/11/2018 Interruption of time limitation and incompetent jurisdiction

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04/10/2018 Perishable Goods are not always lost in case of temperature increase during sea transportation

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12/09/2018 10 years of shipping review of trends - 2008/2018

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We are pleased to inform you that we relocate our offices as from 15/06/2018 to 23A Quai de Rive Neuve 13007 Marseille.

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20/04/2018 Loss of containers at sea: which jurisdiction for the french state? Please, read our last legal news n°13 here
12/03/2018 liabilities for particular damages at cotonou: arbitration and mediation

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07/02/2018 The Inter Club Agreement: act determines liability, not fault

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16/01/2018 the enforceability of the Bill of lading's comptent clauses

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07/12/2017 The unlocking of sealed containers is under the responsibility of the shipping carrier even if the goods were handled by a stevedore company that enjoys a monopolistic position

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27/10/2017 Condolences

Nous avons appris, avec une grande tristesse, la disparition de Madame Françoise FRAUDEAU le 26 octobre 2017 qui accompagnait depuis 17 ans, avec fidélité et compétence,  MARINE CONSULTANT dans son développement, en Afrique, et notamment au SENEGAL.

Depuis plusieurs décennies, elle vivait à DAKAR où elle a partagé les responsabilités d’un Cabinet de courtage (SOSECA).

Plus tard, elle a rejoint un important Agent d’Assurances (SORAM), dont le portefeuille a ensuite permis, avec le soutien et la participation des Compagnies d’Assurances majeures du Marché  français, la création d’une Compagnie dynamique et inspirée, elle-même en charge de la partie la plus importante des risques « transports » du Marché sénégalais : la Compagnie LA NATIONALE.

Dès sa création, elle a consenti à entrer dans le pool « MARINE CONSULTANT » qu’elle représentait à Dakar, apportant aux professionnels de la Place avis et conseils de gestion.  

Françoise FRAUDEAU était fidèle en amitié. Elle aimait passionnément le SENEGAL, qui le lui rendait bien et, naturellement, elle avait  opté pour la double nationalité franco-sénégalaise. Elle vient de disparaitre, victime d’un incendie accidentel.

Nous garderons d’elle un très beau et bon souvenir.

Avec toutes nos sincères condoléances,

Gérald DURON

04/10/2017 CMA-CGM weekly service between Marseille-Tangier

We are pleased to enclose below our legal news n°8 of 04/10/2017.

Marine Consultant: Legal news n°8 – 04/10/2017

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16/08/2017 The container weight verification

One year ago, the TEU weight verification requirement has entered into force.

At the beginning, the World Shipping Council and the International Chamber of Shipping issued a joint statement as to point out the misdeclared container weights issues faced around the world. Indeed those declarations could have an important impact on the Vessel’ safety for obvious reasons.

Following to propositions of governments, associations and others, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) accepted to amend the 1974’s convention on Safety of Life at Sea (called “SOLAS”).

Indeed the IMO adopted in November 21, 2014 the requirement that, as a condition for being loaded into the vessel, the container had to have its gross mass verified. It has become legally binding on July 1, 2016 in over 170 countries.

To

20/06/2017 Questions & Answers

We are pleased that our last legal newsletter has raised many positive reactions. In particular MARINE CONSUTLANT has received the below email from Mr. Daniel SIBE, from ALLIANZ CAMEROUN ASSURANCE :


26/05/2017 Underwriters' action against the party at fault


Please find below a decision made by the French Court of Cassation concerning a transport, from Le Havre to Martinique on the containership Fort Saint Georges.

Feel free to contact us to receive further information.

By acting on a "No Win No Fee" basis, Marine Consultant provides a full claims management service in relation to issues arising from the carriage of goods by sea.

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02/05/2017 Marine Consultant will attend the Rendez-vous de l'Assurance Transports in Paris on 4th and 5th 2017 on the theme:

"From Brexit to the global shipping crisis: threats or opportunities ?" 

21/03/2017 The Carrier's duty of care

Please find below a decision made by Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeals concerning the transportation of avocados by a CMA CGM container vessel.  

This decision has been confirmed on January 6th, 2017 as the Marseille’s Tribunal de Commerce has also reminded, regarding another case, that the carrier has a duty of care.

Thanks to our geographic proximity with this shipping company, feel free to contact us regarding your cargo claims as we will be able to act efficiently to defend your interests the best way possible. 

By acting on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, Marine Consultant provides a full claims management service in relation to issues arising from the carriage of goods by sea. 

08/02/2017 41st General Assembly of FANAF 2017

We are pleased to inform you that Marine Consultant will attend, this year again, the 41st General Assembly of FANAF 2017, at Marrakech.
It is the beneficial opportunity to meet Trade & insurance professionals and update with them their issues.

To

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27/01/2017 The Marine Survey By clicking on this page, you will find our assistance during your Marine Nautical Surveys.

If you, or your client, are interested, please do not hesitate to contact MARINE CONSULTANT without delay. We can assist you.

20/01/2017 Marine Consultant's offer during the case of General average

By clicking on this page, you will find our offer during a case of General average.
If you, or your client, are concerned by this special proceedings, we recommend to contact MARINE CONSULTANT without delay. We can assist you.


15/06/2016 Weight...Quantity...Unknown' - not anymore...

With the authorization of our friends ROOSE + PARTNERS, Solicitors in London, we publish hereafter the article issued by Charlotte GALE, partner of this Law Firm:


The above referred decision is very interesting as it denies the usual argument of the Owners and their P&I Clubs whom invoke systematically the following general clause inserted on the Bills of Lading: « weight, measure, quality, quantity, condition, contents and value unknown…» and sustain, especially, that they are not responsible for shortage, despite the joint tallies performed at the port of discharge.

The Traders and their clients have to make sure that the clause written in the London Arbitration decision («The number of bags signed for on the Bills of Lading…. ») is mentioned systematically on the Charter-parties. This will improve the merit of the recoveries against the Owners and their P&I Clubs, and enable to the insured, thanks to better statistics, to negotiate with their Insurers the premiums at preferential rates.

MARINE CONSULTANT remains at the disposal of all their friends and clients to inform them and brings its assistance.


MARINE CONSULTANT attended the meeting of the FANAF which took place from 15 to 18 February in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This Organization which comprises the Insurance Companies of African national law, more than thirty countries, celebrated its 40 years anniversary and broke all attendance records, with about 1,000 participants.

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04/01/2016 Happy and Enjoyable New Year 2016!

07/12/2015 CMA-CGM will become the 2nd worlwide shipping group!!

We are delighted and proud that this Company, specialized in the shipping of containers, has its Head Office in Marseille.

This closeness makes easier our exchanges and improves our relationships.

You will be certainly interested by the article published by Please see it here!

03/09/2015 Article on the Nouvelles Publications

Please find the article regarding our Company issued by Les Nouvelles Publications by clicking on the link below: 

06/08/2015 Marine Consultant forges ties with China Now, you can also find us at Chinese Embassy Website : 

01/07/2015 “Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang visits Marseilles”

Chinese Prime Minister Mr Li Keqiang will tour the Marseilles head office of French shipping giant CMA CGM today July 1st.

17/06/2015 Le Rendez-Vous de l'Assurance Transports 5 & 6 May 2015 at Paris

Marine Consultant participated in the meeting of the Marine Insurance on 5 & 6 May 2015 at Paris.