Marine Consultant offers the following services to international trading companies and underwriters:

  Recovery assistance with the focus being on quick, amicable settlements without the need for litigation.
Advice on all aspects of marine cargo insurance Where necessary, we can start formal legal and/or arbitration proceedings with the support of a network of specialized and independent lawyers.
Surveying of damaged goods using a network of independent and specialised surveyors   Advice on, and support with, the making of insurance claims
Advice on, and the handling of, claims brought against Shipowners/P&I Clubs/Stevedores/Forwarding agents.
Updates on important legal developments
All requests will be directly and individually handled by Marine Consultant.

An essential tool

Thanks to its database, Marine Consultant is able to advise its clients on the movements of the Vessels, the incidents that they have suffered, the information about the Owners, their fleet details and their P&I Club.

All these elements, essential upon the subscription of the risks and absolutely necessary for the handling of the claims, are included on the services offered by Marine Consultant.